A welcoming cabin before each departure

Cleaning and cabin fitting-out are the two activities of Servair that are directly linked to catering. In France and abroad, for each type of aircraft and for each flight, Servair develops specific fitting-out and cleaning plans.

Responsiveness and precision at the service of aircraft cleanliness

On behalf of more than 100 airline companies, in Paris, in overseas departments and in Africa, Servair makes daily plans for hundreds of cleaning and fitting-out operations. Between plane arrivals and departures, cleaning teams have between 30 minutes and more than 2 hours to service the plane, under the obligation of a compliant operation within the available time.

Cleaning involves a wide range of operations, picking up newspapers and other rubbish fallen on the floor during the flight, vacuuming carpets, changing headrests on each seat, repositioning safety belts, cleaning tray tables, the cockpit and windows, arranging seats in comfort classes… several dozen operations are carried out within the time available, on top of which, on certain airlines, is sometimes added Clean and Search.

At the same time, Servair also fits cabins out. In other words: managing and “repackaging” blankets, pillows, headsets, and recreation or leisure packets. Its intelligent IT system permits an adapted adjustment and regulation of the technical and human presence best suited to the needs of client airlines. As for airline catering, Value Stream Mapping (VMS) is used to chart these logistic flows, maximize their control, and thus eliminate all forms of waste.

The Maintenance Assistance activity, spectacular cleaning

It is in fact all about giving airplanes a veritable youth therapy through deep, meticulous cleaning and inspection, which includes replacing parts when necessary and, possibly, painting surfaces over. This shipyard, which necessitates a partial disassembly of certain parts of the aircraft, mobilizes several Servair teams which work hand-in-hand with those of the airline company and with subcontracted actors, all with the prerequisite agreement of the constructor.