A sincere, world-class cuisine

The “Servair Touch” is above all a cuisine that is sincere. It is, in the hands of its chefs and cooks, a key part of the brand’s culinary identity.

The force of Servair’s culinary identity relies on four pillars: standard craftsmanship, cultural blending, teamwork, and quality at a reasonable price. Due to their commitment, their diligence and their professionalism, our chefs and cooks are the very guarantors from day to day. The “Servair Touch” is also defined through quality, sincerity and respect for tradition. It is a cuisine that seeks novelty while observing gastronomic heritage and tradition.


Sincere in its design

Simple and straightforward, Servair’s cuisine is sincere in its design. Its menus are built “à la française” and in respect of clients, with a starter, a main dish, cheese, and a dessert. There are never more than three flavor associations per dish.


Sincere in its preparation

Of high quality, and traditional, Servair’s cuisine is sincere in its preparation. It respects product and know-how across cultures.


Sincere in the senses it rouses

Beautiful and tasty, Servair’s cuisine is sincere in the senses it rouses. Its chefs are careful to develop its organoleptic properties in respect of the flavor of each and every product.