Our expertise delivered to home or office

With its culinary and logistical expertise in France and Africa, Servair is able to meet food production needs in small or large quantities for home or office delivered catering, in the form of meal trays, ready meals or lunch boxes, for any of the world’s cuisines.

Among the field’s actors who have already placed their trust in Servair are Room Saveurs, Nos grands-mères ont du talent in France, Easy Meal in the Seychelles and Tanafo in Kenya.

Mastering all the main food production techniques and their constraints, Servair offers the solution best suited to each need: fresh manufacturing, cooking at the right temperature, sous-vide preservation, or production in frozen products—and always in the greatest respect of the rules of hygiene and food safety.

Event caterer, a significant market in Africa

Since the opening of its first centres on the African continent, Servair has always developed a deli and event catering offer in conjunction with its airline catering offer.
In Côte d’Ivoire in particular, Servair Abidjan, thanks to its “Grain de Sel” brand, manages different types of events, from official meals to large-scale commercial events, for both institutional organisations and private companies.