Study, design, build infrastructures
and equipment

Servair’s engineering has a broad range of missions, from upgrading installations to standards to the creation of all their parts, and an area widened to encompass all activities of Servair and its subsidiaries: catering, cleaning, fitting-out, support, duty-free shops and more recently airport lounges.

A large capacity for expertise

Construction sites are different in size, from mounting a power generator to establishing a logistics unit, from setting-up waste-water treatment works to renovating a unit, engineering work takes place in permanent cooperation with all the functional and operational activities of Servair, of its subsidiaries and/or of its partners.

As to expansion in Africa, Servair’s engineering is a valued asset, particularly in the setting-up of new units

Keep the cold chain unbroken even under severe heat, satisfy the latest European and international environmental standards, and undertake project and contract management missions for other companies, Servair’s engineering is fully adept in matters of prerequisites and needs as concerns ergonomics, hygiene, the environment and security.


Team-coordinating work

With all sector teams which are clients of engineering, first of all; but also with Methods, to incorporate good practices upstream as much as possible, Quality, Security, Legislation, especially to make sure that buildings are insured at affordable prices, and with Human Resources for conformity with social obligations, etc. Servair’s engineering draws upon this strong organization to ensure the success of our missions in France and abroad.


Servair’s engineering counsels and supports airline companies, airports, meal providing companies and investors/developers in every catering related sector:– Feasibility studies: airline catering, production unit … – Diagnostics and organization missions – Engineering and building “turnkey” units – Setting-up of methods and procedures – Technical assistance in operations and in management – New technologies in food production