A unique offer of Facility Management
within the transport world

To free airline, railway and sea companies from all service constraints, in order for them to fully concentrate on their core activity. That is the purpose of Servair Solutions. With its occupational, strategic and technical skills, it is a unique, one-stop interlocutor whose action is on behalf of the client.


Servair Solutions experts provide advice and assistance, and they implement technical and organizational solutions to help their clients design and carry out their projects: in-flight services and sales, cost control, selecting suppliers, staff training, client satisfaction monitoring…


Delegated management

On behalf of its clients, Servair Solutions manages a part of or all of their in-flight catering and their activities at all levels of the logistic and operational chain: catering, selection suppliers, stock and equipment management, fitting-out…



Wine is a wide and complex family of products. Servair Solutions accompanies its clients from start to finish with full turnkey solutions, going from the selection of products to delivery aboard. According to client needs, the service can be enlarged to encompass all beverages: champagne, spirits, soft drinks and water.



To simplify and secure the management of client purchases, Servair Solutions follows-up and manages such goods and products. With Servair’s Purchasing Center a rigorous product selection, the best prices, permanent stock follow-up, and reliable and responsive logistics are guaranteed.