Our culinary experience dedicated to companies and local authorities

Servair also puts its culinary experience and dynamism at the service of companies and local authorities and offers:

  • A complete range of services to meet the diversity of its customers’ needs: school or company canteen management, delivery of prepared meals ready to be reheated;
  • A guarantee of flexibility and of gustatory quality thanks to the company’s long experience in  sous-vide cooking;
  • Regular work with nutritionists and a perfect knowledge of legislation in the fields of health and school catering.

More than 150 establishments (schools, hospitals, barracks, etc.) are supplied every day on the Servair network worldwide.


Nutritional Management Plan

While respecting the food requirements of its customers, as well as the organoleptic and microbiological qualities of its services, Servair ensures compliance with the Nutritional Management Plan (NMP) and incorporates its main objectives:

  • increase the consumption of fruit, vegetables and starchy foods;
  • reduce lipid intake and rebalance the consumption of fatty acids;
  • reduce the consumption of added simple carbohydrates;
  • increase iron intake;
  • increase calcium intake.