More than a hundred connected activities

From kitchen to runway, from logistics to administration, Servair handles a wide range of different profiles and offers career possibilities at all levels. From technical to the most general job, from tray assembly chains to technical engineering offices, Servair is at the junction of the bulk and cottage industries, it is a company of service, nourishment and logistics.

5 main axes


from provision to shop management, on to order and timetable launch, Servair controls its logistics.

Fitting-out/laundry room:

sorting and recycling all containers from returning flights until they’re repackaged and delivered onto the plane, Server handles just-in-time operations.

Food production:

from R&D to meal-tray preparation, from a precise selection of suppliers to sharing experiences with big chefs, Servair knows cuisine.

Transport/the runway:

loading and unloading flights, timed cabin cleaning, regulation of deliveries and vehicle fleets, Servair follows-up in real time.


from support functions at head-office to those at centers and subsidiaries, from accounting follow-up in Paris to supervising a construction site in Ghana, from an Orly unit’s kitchen to that of Macao, Servair optimizes its staff.