Servair's organization

Key to implementing its strategy, the company's new structure involves setting up four operational centers, defined by geographical areas – Paris; France and Asia; the Americas and Caribbean; Europe, Africa, and the Middle East – each of them backed by support departments.


M_EmeyriatMichel EMEYRIAT, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

IMG_C_LChristian LÉGER, Chief Officer-Operations ; Executive Vice President Paris

Patricia_Larzilliere Patricia LARZILLIERE, Executive Vice President Paris Air Catering

IMG_C_DClaude DEORESTIS, Executive Vice President Europe, Africa and Middle East

Diane_Laurent_Jubin (2) internetDIANE LAURENT-JUBIN, Executive Vice President France Asia

Veronique MICHEL, Global Account Director Air France

IMG_H_PHervé PARIS, Executive Vice President America and Caribbean

Alain CLEVY, Executive Vice President Human Ressources and Social Policy

IMG_B_DBruno DUPERRIN, Executive Vice President Financial

IMG_C_TClaude THENEVIN, Executive Vice President Sales

IMG_A_FAlexis FRANTZ, Corporate secretary

IMG_B_EBoris ELOY, Senior Vice President Marketing, Communication and innovation