Staff sensitivity to disabled and reduced mobility needs

Servair offers an assistance service, to Disabled and Reduced Mobility Passengers, from reception and help to connecting flights and public arrival and/or departure zones.

Primordial human relations, flawless logistics

The people of Passerelle CDG play a primordial role whenever they look after a disabled passenger. Servair regularly offers its staff training in the hotel hospitality field, in skills for contact with reduced mobility passengers, as well as in the specific understanding of different types of disability.

At the same time, precise itinerary logistics, a strict control of staff and of vehicles, as well as an optimization of equipment, weigh decisively on the improvement of Servair’s service.


The 4 rules of a Passerelle CDG agent:

  1. Conviction, our first energy
    Each person, whatever their physical condition, is entitled to travelling. That is Passerelle CDG’s conviction. Its teams do everything in their power to make sure that passengers with disabilities or with reduced mobility travel under the same conditions as any other passenger.
  2. Accountability inspires all our actions
    Passerelle CDG’s activity is the only service for which airline companies confier their passenger to a third party. Passerelle CDG is aware of its responsibility and undertakes to deliver flawless service.
  3. Professionalism, the result of everyone’s commitment
    The very nature of the work of an escorting officer requires the highest level of professional insight. Each time they accompany a passenger with a disability ot with reduced mobility, Passerelle CDG agents exercise flawless professionalism and attention.
  4. Respect at the heart of our activity
    Passerelle CDG makes every effort to ensure that moving around the airport happens under the best possible conditions, in order for travelling not to become a challenge for passengers with reduced mobility.