Servair’s creation think-tank

Working together with chefs of international renown, Servair runs a laboratory of culinary innovation. Objective: always be sure to have highest possible quality standards for products offered to airlines.

It is also through its Studio culinaire® that Servair marks its difference. Created in November 2009, this creative cell has a mission: inject more audacity into gastronomy, enhance the flavor of meals and carry high the flag of a modern and inventive cuisine. And all for the great pleasure of air passengers.


An enriching variation of collaborations

To properly carry out its mission of reflection, of auditing, of strategic foresight and of control, , this culinary innovation laboratory collaborates with well-known chefs. The “three-star” chef Joël Robuchon chairs in this way a chef “dream team” composed of Guy Martin, Bruno Goussault, Jacques Le Divellec and Michel Quissac.

Their skills and experience are more than complementary. Jacques Le Divellec, for example, is well-known for the quality of his fish dishes, while Bruno Goussault is specialized in sous-vide cooking.


Creation and opening leverage

These culinary ambassadors meet regularly to think around a theme, related to developments in culinary technology, to prepare for new trends or fill the specific requirements of a client. Their exchanges are excellent creation and opening levers which accompany Servair as it constantly questions its own know-how, as well as in its desire to constantly create the best for its clients. As advising Chefs, members of Servair’s Studio Culinaire may suggest original recipes, adapted to inflight service, and which season after season become part of the caterer’s palette of offers. By constantly innovating, Servair adapts to the needs and tastes of air passengers.