Values that make sense

Each company, like each individual, has its own code of conduct, its language, its benchmarks, its cultural references, its history, its identity. And each company has values. The process of elaborating Servair’s values started at the beginning of 2008.

Every level and every sector of the company helps bring out Servair’s values, whose impact is measured against the different communities of the company. Today there are six of these values:


We experience satisfaction when we meet our commitments and anticipate the wishes of our clients. At the forefront of culinary quality, at the service of the most assorted and the most demanding tastes, we make it our business to offer the best travel and comfort conditions. The traveler’s pleasure gives sense to our passion for work well done.


It relies upon the competence of our teams to ensure production-chain efficiency. It guarantees our clients the quality of our services in the firmest respect of our commitments. A generator of trust among employees, of solidarity among sectors and of a mutual respect of each other’s work, individual reliability builds the reliability of the whole company from day to day.


The multiple origins and cultures of our staff, the diversity of our occupations, of our skills and of our international installations, a variety of talents and experience at the service of our clients, the wealth of our culinary offer: diversity nourishes the dynamism of Servair.


Innovation activates the creativity of all employees as much as it motivates the continuous improvement of our offer, of our methods and of our production tool. It keeps on alert our ability to adapt to client needs and to the expectations of Servair’s stakeholders (employees, shareholders, the society, clients). Innovation seals Servair’s attachment to continuous and shared progress.


Thanks to know-how and to the commitment of Servair’s men and women, we have developed and continue to hone an industrial and logistic tool whose efficiency is a constant requirement. The rigorous control of all our actions, our organization’s ability to work across sectors, and the implementation of the best resultant practices, allow us to offer the most productive and the most cost-effective solutions on the market, without ever sacrificing the quality of our services. At Servair, performance reconciles client satisfaction and company growth.


It underlies all our actions and expresses itself in our compliance with the law, regulations and procedures, in the desire to be answerable to our clients, in the way each of our decisions takes into account economic, technological, legal and social factors. Responsibility is also personified by our citizen’s commitment toward sustainable development.