Managing aircraft water provision and removal

At several stopovers of its network, Servair handles the provision of potable water and the removal of waste water for some of its clients. Respecting hygienic procedures and making accurate adjustments are the basis of this activity.

Precision and technical acumen at each operation

Trained for both functions, an agent in charge of providing potable water can never be assigned to waste water removal on the same day, for hygienic reasons. Regular disinfections and anti-bacteriological checks are also carried out every week. At the same time, agents follow very strict rules as concerns traffic, approaching aircraft and parking.

For all of its clients, Servair is careful to guarantee an adjustment during the operation, in accordance with voyage plans, so as to avoid any unnecessary extra weight during the flight; the same plane is not filled up the same when it sets out on a one-hour journey as when it sets out on a 7-hour journey.


An asset at OrlyWaste water collection vehicles of Servair are the only ones equipped with vacuum pumps, while those of competitors use the principle of gravity draining. This system is slightly more expensive, but has advantages: removal is faster and, above all, much more efficient. Result: even “low-cost” companies place their faith on Acna Orly.