Additional ground and air services

Beyond catering, Servair has put to good use its industrial experience, its knowledge of the airline sector, and its international presence to develop, around the plane and the passenger’s voyage, a complete palette of additional services.

A welcoming cabin before each departure

Every day, at Paris Charles de Gaulle, 24 hours a day, some 1 500 people take care of aircraft cleaning. Among leading European companies in aircraft cleaning, ACNA, a Servair subsidiary, boasts more than 100 client companies and cleans 170 planes every day, from the cockpit to cabins. Through its other subsidiaries, Servair also offers the same cleaning services at all of its international units.

As much as for Servair’s catering services, ACNA’s cleaning services draw from a solid knowledge of the industry. In this way, ACNA is the first airplane cleaning company to have developed an automatic laundry sorting platform, facilitating the flow of linen to and from the launderer.  A logical complement to cleaning, cabin fitting, which involves fitting the plane out with elements necessary for passenger comfort, is also carried out by ACNA. The service includes the management and “reconditioning” of blankets, pillows, headsets, recreational or comfort packs. To achieve this, ACNA benefits from an efficient tool: an expert IT system which makes it possible to better adapt technical and human processes when necessary.

One of the leading newspaper stands in France

Other services are also available between ground and air. SERVANTAGE, for example, assures the provision of national dailies and magazines adapted to passengers on specific flights, aboard as well as in the lounge. With 53 million newspapers and 8,5 million magazines handled per year, SERVANTAGE has become one of the leading newspaper stands in France, and supplies more than 30 airlines on a daily basis; all this at the price of a non-stop race against time, possible only through an exhaustive logistical organization and a sharp sense of foresight. Namely, targeted purchases from publishers for each flight, an accurate study of the departures and destinations of all flights, as well as a permanent processing of returned, non-distributed copies.

Duty-free shops, an inevitable passenger stop-off

Still between ground and
sky, DutyFly Solutions, a joint-venture set up with Aéroboutique (Hachette group) offers turnkey solutions for the in-flight sale of 4 big product families (perfumes/luxury goods, tobacco/alcohol, watches, jewels, electronic goods). DutyFly Solutions purchases the products, sets the selling price, stores goods in a bonded warehouse. It also establishes a list, for each flight, of products to be made available to passengers on-board. A complete service offer, since the sales are handled by means of computers installed on each trolley.

Attend exhibitions, zones of comfort and serenity

Duty Free’s activity is also opening for development retained by Servair which, through Dutyssimo, intends to develop the activity by putting an attractive offer at the disposal of airport administrators all over the world. This presence at airports is what Servair intends to develop. As a result, a partnership was struck with CityOne, the hospitality specialist, to create Sheltair, a joint-venture specialized in lounge management. Servair also develops a Drinks and Snacks activity in the Africa, Indian Ocean and Caribbean zones.

Accountability and training throughout service provision

Finally, Servair provides assistance services to passengers with reduced mobility, through its subsidiary called Passerelle CDG. The latter’s agents are in charge of welcoming and assisting passengers with disabilities and/or reduced mobility during transfers between arrival and departure zones at the airport. Each year they carry out 356 000 such operations.