Core activity, heart’s activity

A key element of airline identity, in-flight catering is a high stake in the quest for traveler satisfaction. Drawing on its expertise, its creativity and the performance of its industrial instrument, Servair knows how to make each meal a privileged moment.

Far from limiting Servair’s 200 chefs, the constraints of catering and of deferred consumption create the right environment for their creativity and innovation! France, Japan, China, India…whatever the destination, and to the traveler’s great delight, they continuously imagine new recipes inspired by the world’s gastronomic heritage, and show with each passing day that culinary art can at once be customary and of high quality!


Attentive to airlines and their passengers

More than a thousand menus and product sheets have already been elaborated, taking into account the requirements of each airline and the specificities of each flight. In this way, Servair is able to offer meals ranging from brasserie for economy to very high gastronomy first class and business class, or official flights. Each day, Servair draws on the efficiency and reliability of its industrial and logistics tool to prepare and serve meals throughout the world, while offering the highest quality levels of service to passengers. Because it adds value, in-flight catering has become a sales asset and a reason for the loyalty of airlines.


A logistic strike force

From handling orders to preparing trays, through assembling and accompanying them onto the plane as well as cleaning on-board equipment… at each step, Servair uses its catering expertise and solid and responsive logistics know-how to maximize the benefit to airlines.


An offer adapted to each of our tastes

Servair knows how to respect culture and special meals, by having on offer menus adapted to the needs and tastes of each of us: standard as well as personalized menus; buy on-board; religion-based cuisine (halal or kosher meals); specific régimes (vegetarian or medical); world tastes (Japanese, Indian, Chinese, West-Indian cooking…); wine steward services.