Servair positions itself in Mayotte by signing an agreement with Panima

Servair, third-largest company worldwide in airline catering and logistics, has acquired a majority stake in Panima, which specializes in contract catering and baked goods. With this partnership, Servair is continuing the policy of diversifying its operations while strengthening its presence in the Indian Ocean.

Servair has acquired a majority stake in the Mayotte-based company Panima, which enables it to expand its footprint on the French Overseas Department. Founded in 2006, Panima has 95 employees and brings in an annual turnover of about €12 million, through four main activities:

- Contract catering (hospitals and governments): 2,000 hot meals per day;

- Cold snacks (sandwiches and fruits) to primary and secondary schools: 40,000 items per day;

- Industrial baking: 8,000 breads and 20,000 pastries per day;

- In-flight catering (sandwiches and snacks for Ewa, a subsidiary of Air Austral).

For Servair, this is a strategic investment in a modern company whose production meets European standards in a growing market with a positive business outlook. In addition to its strong population growth, the Mayotte market boasts a higher population of administrative and military workers and benefits from the swift development of the French exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the Mozambique Channel.

"Taking over Panima is a key move for Servair," says Christian Léger, Deputy Director of Operations at Servair. "This investment is a true partnership with the founders of Panima, a thriving modern company, and together we see strong development opportunities ahead, for both in-flight catering – with the potential of long-haul traffic to Mayotte –, and the public and contract catering markets, involving significant growth opportunities for us and for the diversification of our group operations."

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