Servair wins catering tender for American company United

Servair, the leading French airline catering and air transport logistics company and the third largest worldwide, has won the tender to provide catering services for the American company United.

American company United, which was formed as a result of the merger between United Airlines and Continental Airlines, has entrusted Servair with its catering services for flights departing from Paris.

Servair has been providing catering services for Continental Airlines since 2005. Starting in early 2013, Servair will provide catering services for the company's four daily flights (two to New York, one to Chicago and one to Washington D.C.).

SERVAIR is the leading French and Italian airline catering and cleaning company. In 3rd position worldwide with more than 60 sites, with its partners and subsidiaries, SERVAIR offers airlines a range of services that are vital to the air transport sector and for the comfort of passengers. Its requirements, in terms of quality and know-how, have led to SERVAIR becoming a true driving force for its 120 customer companies, helping them to improve their commercial offers to passengers, while scrupulously adhering to the constraints of air transport.