Cooking, day-to-day energy

From its beginnings until today, Servair has always placed cooking at the core of its catering products. Railway and air, collective and individual, industrialized and cottage, traditional and ethnic, in 40 years, Servair has become one of the benchmarks in temporal and space different catering.

The culture of tasty and tasteful at the client’s service

Choosing raw materials, creating recipes, designing menus, hot and cold cuisine, managing the cold chain, quality and hygiene delivery follow-up, these are the driving force behind Servair’s cuisine. Day by day nothing is left to chance; companies must be served on time according to service provisions ordered a few weeks earlier. At Servair, the company is like a guest we invite to our home, the apprehension is the same: be ready when they arrive, and may they keep the best possible memory of it.


Know-how inscribed into its culture

In the 80s, already, Servair inaugurated its first partnerships with some of France’s biggest chefs, like Michel Trama or Joël Robuchon, and began the development of sous-vide cooking with Georges Pralus. Servair’s chefs have always been inspired by French culinary traditions, whose first tentative outlines began in the Middle-Ages, while at the same time introducing taste experiences from the rest of the world, gleaned from its history. Today still, Servair is attentive to the whole world’s inclinations and continuously adapts the recipes of its heritage.