A constantly evolving HR policy

Because the life of a company is in perpetual mutation, human resources at Servair adapt so as to always be in a position to fulfill industrial, social and economic requirements. Through the embracing of a policy of staff accountability and valorization, Servair has undertaken to combat job insecurity while optimizing its staff.

Support social promotion

For more than 5 years, Servair has been developing a detailed talent identification program. This complex process conducts a precise assessment of resources and posts, studies in-house needs, and correlates these with any evolution perspectives expressed by employees. All this is accompanied by a fully integrated training policy and by the setting-up of internal mobility across activities.

The company gives everyone a chance according to their abilities

At the same time, each year Servair invests a little more than 2% of its payroll to train its employees: specialization in a sector, support toward a new function, toward a new activity, or guaranteeing compliance with regulations.


Turn the difference into an asset

For Servair, recognizing physical disability is not expressed through recruitment only, but also through changing the way we consider disability within the company. It is the true inclusion of disabled employees into the company as “special” employees doing stable jobs. This kind of open-mindedness also allows any Servair employees who may not have declared their disability to come forward and express their difference, unafraid of being judged.

At Servair, the degree of employment for disabled people is 5.8% versus the 6% required by law

More than a hundred different ethnic origins work side-by-side every day from Roissy to Saint-Denis de la Réunion, from Fort-de-France to Ouagadougou. The principle of social integration has been one of the corner stones of Servair’s HR policy since its beginnings, and courses on cultural diversity are regularly organized in support of this idea of mutual, cross-culture comprehension. Gender equality and senior citizen employment are two major objectives for the near future.

Servair has also co-signed the Charte Sociale et Ethique (Social Rights and Ethics Charter) of the Air France KLM Group.


Care for the health of staff

For Servair, the prevention of industrial accidents is a priority at every given moment. The company assists employees in the field, trains them, and encourages innovation in the improvement of work conditions and employee health. Movements and postures, team size, work cycles, accident feedback and systematic post-accident investigations are some of the main files followed up regularly by Servair’s human resources teams.