Catering with full confidence

Guarantee every client service, at the highest quality and safety food standards, is the priority and the reality of Servair’s every instant.

A quality requisite

To meet this requisite, Servair adopts a structured quality approach. Beyond in-house checks, operational sites are certified by renowned international organizations. Such certifications ensure service and food safety conformity, with the goal of client satisfaction always in mind.
French units as well as certain international subsidiaries are certified under ISO 9001 (quality) or ISO 22000 (food safety) standards. For a few years now, “environment” and “health and safety at work” have become part of the quality procedure, in line with the policy of Sustainable Development.


Healthy and safe food

From Paris to Bamako, Servair makes it a point to design and maintain premises that facilitate cleanliness, the cold chain, and adapted work flowcharts. Staff training is also a high priority, and helps enforce the respect of good hygiene practices.

Risk analysis based on the HACCP method is the basis for establishing frames of reference common to Servair’s food activities.

Traceability, a key element in food safety and transparency, is continually ensured at all sites. A specific traceability tool that is both performing and reliable, and uses bar codes, has been deployed to Parisian sites.

Certain menus receive the particular attention of our dietitian team in terms of nutrition.

Monitoring and daily checks

Quality teams, together with operational staff, closely monitor the processes of service compliance and food safety by means of check and audit plans.

Servair’s scientific Laboratory and Committee Servair has its own microbiological analysis laboratory, COFRAC ( COmité FRançais d’ACcréditation, scope available on
the website, Laboratory Accreditation No. 1-1713), which conducts 40 000 analyses per year. As a result, Servair benefits from expertise in this field and from shorter times of analyses, essential for the best response times.
A scientific Committee, composed of scientific and medical experts, also works together with Servair in its continuous quest for quality, food safety, sustainable development, reducing environmental impact and accompanies Servair in every aspect of scientific activities in general.
At the same time, Servair is a member of the association ASA (Animal, Societe, Aliment) to share knowledge in food microbiology. Discover the website of the association: