A company committed to sustainability

In keeping with today’s dynamic environment and in accordance with Gategroup’s coporate values, Servair’s goals are ambitious and take into high consideration all the matters that have an impact on people’s lives and their futures. To achieve this, Servair strives to find the right balance between financial efficiency, social fairness, our impact on the environment and keeping a local foothold, in all its decision making and running operations.

I Providing our customers with the highest level of food safety and well balanced menus.

High food safety and traceability standards

  • Implementation of a Quality management system (ISO 9001) and an integrated management system (IMS) to deal with issues such as health and safety at work and the environment for the French business units : 11 out of the 12 units are certified ISO 9001 and 8 have a IMS.
  • Our business units are audited each year internally as well as by independent entities and by our customers.

Detailed information and food catered to our customer’s needs

  • We have developed systems to inform our customers on food allergens, ingredients and our products nutritional values.

II Providing strong social foundations for our workers

Skills development

  • Servair is committed to supporting the Company’s men and women to insure that their skills are kept up to date and improved, thus guaranteeing their employability, especially in the food business.

Cultural diversity

  • Servair is highly aware of the asset that this diversity represents for the Company and is therefore committed to guaranteeing equal opportunities within the Company by implementing several agreements on crucial issues, such as gender equality at work and action taken on the subject of disability.

Cultivating a high quality social dialogue to build a trusting environment and promote mutual respect.

Health and safety at work

  • Permanently taking preventive action against the presence of risks in the workplace,
  • Continually improving our processes and the Company’s organisation,
  • Investing in the appropriate equipment,
  • Implementing a management system to deal with key issues such as Health and safety at work and Flight safety.

III Contributing to the preservation of natural resources.

Servair’s main objective regarding the environment is to contribute to the preservation of natural resources by limiting our consumption and the ecological impact of our operations:

  • Reducing water consumption by 1% per year (4% for the international business units),
  • Reducing our energy consumption by 3% per year,
  • Reducing the waste we generate by 3% per year,
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Discouraging all kinds of wastage, of food or any other products : by improving the processes that are in place to limit overconsumption and needless waste.

IV Developing our corporate sustainability

A strong local foothold for each of our areas of business

  • Developing local employment around each of our establishments, by hiring employees and setting up local supply chains for certain products, such as fruit and vegetables.

Providing services that contribute to sustainable development

  • Menus composed of seasonal products, ethical and sustainable purchasing, under reasonable financial conditions.

Servair has chosen to adopt an ambitious HSE policy for 2016-2018. This policy sets targets and work processes regarding Quality, Hygiene (food safety), Health and safety at work, flight safety and the Environment in all of the business units.


Egg products: sustainable supplies!
Since January 2018, all our egg supplies have come from hens raised outdoors, some of which come from organic farming. With regard to the supply of egg products, all our suppliers have already committed themselves to stopping the production or purchase of eggs from caged hens by 2025.
This is in line with Servair’s commitment (for its french units) to stop sourcing eggs and egg products from caged hens by 2025.
This change in production methods has a strong impact on our suppliers and their producers. Servair is therefore committed to supporting them on a long-term basis in this transition to this more virtuous production method for animal welfare.