A company committed to sustainability

In keeping with today’s dynamic environment and in accordance with Gategroup’s coporate values, Servair’s goals are ambitious and take into high consideration all the matters that have an impact on people’s lives and their futures. To achieve this, Servair strives to find the right balance between financial efficiency, social fairness, our impact on the environment and keeping a local foothold, in all its decision making and running operations.

Our CSR commitments

Through this new CSR policy, I wished to think over the footprint we want to leave behind. Daily operations cannot be our company’s only goal. Our ambition is to create value and share it within our company together with our various stakeholders. Servair is committed to developing its business by respecting its employees, its customers and the environment. The company is also involved in a responsible development within the regions and communities in which it operates, both in France and Africa.

Our CSR commitments are as follows:

  • guarantee a healthy and safe offering in our various food activities
  • promote a respectful social model for our collaborators which offers opportunities for career enhancement
  • ensure occupational health and safety for our employees as well as our suppliers and subcontractors
  • control our environmental impact and fight pollution and waste.

I am counting on the commitment of each and every one of us so that Servair still keeps progressing on the path of responsible development and takes into consideration, in a continually improving manner, social, societal and environmental issues within the company.

Alexis FRANTZ – Chief Executive Officer of Servair


Consult the Corporate Social Responsibility report

Egg products: sustainable supplies!
Since January 2018, all our egg supplies have come from hens raised outdoors, some of which come from organic farming.
With regard to the supply of egg products, all our suppliers have already committed themselves to stopping the production or purchase of eggs from caged hens by 2025.
This change in production methods has a strong impact on our suppliers and their producers. Servair is therefore committed to supporting them on a long-term basis in this transition to this more virtuous production method for animal welfare.