Servair bid wins catering contract for 2013 Macau Grand Prix

Servair, the French market leader and third-largest airline catering and airport logistics company in the world has won the Macau Grand Prix catering contract for the second year running.

The annual Formula 3 race on the Guia Circuit in Macao, China, is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary.  This year it will last six days rather than four: 9, 10, and 14–17 November 2013.

Each day, Servair will be feeding all Formula 3 Grand Prix employees, including firefighters, administrative staff, and the technical crew. That means providing 3,500 meals per day—1,750 breakfasts and 1,750 lunches—which adds up to 21,000 over the duration of the race.

The meals will be prepared at the Servair catering center in Macao. Opened in 1995, the site has
174 employees and daily prepares 3,500 meals for five airlines, including Air Macau. 15% of Servair business in Macau comes from other customers, including schools (School of the Nations and Macau Polytechnic Institute), hospitals (PSIQ and MUST), a coffee shop (Pacific Coffee Company), and supermarkets (Royal Supreme).

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