Servair takes over four catering facilities in Saint-Denis, Réunion

Servair, French market leader and no. 3 worldwide in the field of airline catering and logistics services, has been awarded the contract to manage and operate four catering outlets in the passenger terminal at Roland Garros airport, Réunion.

As a pioneer in the world of airport catering, Servair is offering airlines and airports three new bar and dining concepts: Air Lounge Café, PK0 and Terre d’escale. The latter two concepts have been specifically designed for Réunion.
The Air Lounge Café and PKO bar concepts have been well received, and Servair has been selected to create, manage and operate the airport's bar areas in future.

Servair has also been chosen to remodel the concept and design of Hemisphere Sud, the airport's panoramic restaurant, transforming it into Terre d’escale.

Covering a total surface area of 1,300 m² in the public and passenger areas, these catering facilities will be exclusively operated by Servair for a period of 10 years.

Servair's new concepts offer airports fashionable catering outlets to make their commercial facilities more dynamic: The Air Lounge Café is an intimate and cosy lounge bar, offering a touch of class and elegance and a wide range of local culinary delicacies. The PK0 self-service concept offers a new approach to self-service dining with an emphasis on local culinary traditions and sustainability.

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