Logistics at the heart of all Servair's activities!

A guarantee of efficiency and reliability, logistics is Servair’s other know-how, alongside cooking. The improvement of productivity, quality control, respecting deadlines and costs, Servair strives every day to always serve its clients better.

Initially oriented toward certifying its industrial tool, laying out the foundations of production procedures, today Servair’s logistics relies on the use of the VSM* (Value Stream Mapping) method, and targets continued improvement and the elimination of waste.

The client must need nothing, we must not waste!

From airline catering to managing airport lounges, from fitting out cabins to purchasing negotiated products for international centers, logistics is Servair’s backbone. It begins upstream with supplies and ends with delivery to the client. Between these two steps in the chain it takes into account the optimization of the industrial tool, the efficient sizing of teams as well as a rational sequencing of production.

* Created by Toyota, the Japanese carmaker, but adaptable to all economic sectors, VSM (Value Stream Mapping) is a tool from the production management school referred to as “lean”, often translated as “waste-less management”.


Servair, the hub management specialist

As regards the assembly of meal trays, last-minute orders, late planes or those ahead of schedule, an ingredient replacing another one in a recipe, etc., such changes require the implementation of a daily production plan allowing for a mix of diligence and flexibility, ergonomics and efficiency, rapidity and quality. Servair is in this way a specialist in managing big catering centers, whether in Paris, in Canton, or in Nairobi.


Servair’s provision logistics platform at the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, a unique tool in the world of airline catering :

  • 7000 tons/year (60% frozen, 22% fresh, 18% dried)
  • 40% of purchases for 7 units go through this platform
  • More than 1500 references
  • 50 suppliers


Servair handles, 7 days/week, nine lounges at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, on behalf of Air France, of Etihad and of Sheltair and serves 6000 passengers per day.